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Ricky Casino With Live Dealers: The Main Advantages

The majority of people believe that online casinos are mostly a variety of slot machines for different tastes. Where you need to collect a combination of several figures or place a bet. That is, ordinary roulette, cards, and sports betting. But this is a thing of the past! Online casino Ricky offers their users Live casino games. Such games are almost as good as a real casino and stand out among ordinary slot machines.

Mechanics of playing in Ricky live casino with a live dealer

It is already clear that live casino is a room in the casino from which an online broadcast is conducted, which anyone can join. But how exactly does the game go? In fact, everything is very simple. Any game follows approximately the same algorithm:

  • A Ricky casino player selects a game and by clicking on it, automatically joins the online broadcast.

  • Reads the rules of the game, which can be found by clicking the appropriate button.

  • Waits for the game to end or for the bets of other players to play out, or immediately joins the game by placing his/her own bets.

  • Waits for a new round to end, after which he wins or loses. And decides to stay and continue the game or leave it.

It doesn't matter what kind of live casino game it is, the algorithm is the same everywhere. The only differences are the rules according to the game and the size of bets.

What Casino games are the most popular at Ricky's Live Casino

  • Andar Bahar - live casino game

This game is not yet available everywhere in the casino offer. But given how quickly it is gaining popularity, we can safely say that this will not last long. Because it is very simple and interesting to play.

This is an Indian game with two fields and one open card in the middle. The live casino dealer puts the cards one by one, first in one field "Andar", then in the other "Bahar". The player's task is to guess which field the same card will fall into as the one on the table between the fields. To make the game even more interesting and give players more options, Live Casino allows them to place a variety of bets. For example, not only on which field the card will appear in, but also on what suit or color this card will be. Everything is very simple, the player chooses a bet, and then everything depends on his or her luck.

  • Dice - pair or double

Everything is even simpler here than in Andar Bahar. There is a pair of colored dice, red and blue, and a field on which they fall. After all the players place their bets, the Live dealer rolls the dice and determines the winner based on the results of the combination they have fallen in.

In this game, live casinos also allow players to choose different types of bets. You can bet on which dice will have a higher number, which is why it is called Duel. You can choose which number will appear at all, or which color die will have a smaller number, and other options.

  • Baccarat

It is also an Indian game that is very similar to Blackjack, but instead of 21 points, you need to collect 9 points, and only 2 cards are given. Players can play with a live dealer, but the terms and conditions state that the first card is always dealt to the player. Also, there is no joker-type card. This is probably the simplest game of all Live games.

  • Lotteries like 6 out of 36, 7 out of 42, and others

These live casino games are a regular lottery where there is a lottery machine with random balls. The only difference is how many balls are spinning in the lottery and how many are taken out. The number of possible outcomes depends on the number of balls. The more balls, the more options, and the more difficult it is for the player. But at the same time, the prize becomes bigger. For example, the prize can be two thousand times bigger than the bet. Similarly, the fewer balls, the easier it is to guess the winning combination, but the prize is also much smaller.

In addition, online casinos, as always, offer more opportunities than a regular lottery. Here, you can bet not only on which combination will be drawn. For example, you can bet that there will be four balls with even numbers, or vice versa.

The advantages of Ricky Live Casino include:

The ability to play anywhere in the world. The doors of virtual gambling houses are open to all visitors with high-speed Internet. Many sites have regional representatives and dealers that speak the native language of gamblers.

24/7 operation. Live casinos do not have weekends and lunch breaks. Customers can try their luck at any convenient time.

Open statistics. In the live casino app or in the description on the website, users can find information about the bets of other players, the number of wins and losses, as well as feedback on the work of dealers. At any time, gamblers can use the data from tables or general chat to build their own gambling strategy.

Psychological comfort. During the game, a visitor of a live casino is constantly communicating with a real person. Many users note that it is dialogues with the croupier that create the right atmosphere and make them refuse slots and "soulless" applications in favor of live casinos.

Professional support. Technical staff, like croupiers, works 24/7 and quickly solves all customer problems.

Absence of the human factor. In the Ricky live casino, the influence of the dealer on the outcome of the game is minimized, because most of the work is done by the program. This is an obvious advantage of live casinos over land-based gambling establishments, where croupiers are sometimes found to be dishonest.

Bonuses and promotions from Ricky Casino: no deposit bonus for registration, welcome bonus, free spins, cashback

Online casino Ricky is trying to expand its target audience. The easiest way to do this is with the help of bonuses. No deposit casino bonuses are part of the marketing policy of large and reliable portals. Besides, they are very beneficial for gamers themselves, as they provide a good opportunity for a magical start.

Bonuses are one of the most attractive criteria when choosing a casino to play in. Such gifts from gambling clubs are the most common:

  • Welcome bonuses - bonuses for first deposits for new players. They can reach huge amounts.

  • No deposit - a bonus without a deposit. It is usually also given to newcomers for confirming a phone number or installing an app.

  • Cashback is a refund of the first part of the money spent on the website.

  • Reload bonuses are gifts for customers who have not visited the website for some time. They help to start the game again comfortably.

  • Free spins - free spins of slot machines.

  • Holiday gifts - gifts for birthdays or other holidays.

  • Loyalty program - a system of rewards from online casinos. The more players spend time on the website, the more gifts they receive.

How to Find a Reliable Live Casino

To find a decent Live Casino, you can evaluate Ricky's gambling club by the following parameters:

1. License and reputation

If you've never heard of a particular gambling club, it can hardly be a good sign. As a rule, the most popular online casinos with real money are considered reliable. Also, do not forget about checking for a license, which is available at the very bottom of the site.

2. Payment methods

The more reliable and well-known ways to deposit and withdraw winnings a casino offers, the better. The most convenient way to make a visit to Ricky Casino with live dealers is via Visa, MasterCard and a number of other services.

3. Bonuses and promotions

The game is much more fun and interesting when you have a lucrative offer at hand that can increase the size of your bankroll. Live casinos regularly offer great bonuses, cashback, and other promotions for visitors to Live Casino.

4. Support service

As soon as you arrive at the website of the online casino you are interested in, try to contact the support team via the email address. The speed of the response and the number of ways to communicate directly affect your future business.

5. Software.

The wider the variety of licensed titles, the more chances applicants have to find something they like. High-quality online casinos even have large tables for high rollers and newcomers, as well as VIP rooms.

Ricky's live casino is top notch. This means that registered users can focus on the gaming process and achieve a positive result for themselves. Since reliable virtual casinos have a large set of payment methods, the difficulties with the withdrawal of won funds for sure will not arise.