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Ricky Casino Roulette: Spin the Wheel & Win Big!

Every time you wonder how to have fun and still get some benefit, turn on your computer or take your gadget and turn on online roulette! This is literally a universal option for frequent guests in online gambling. If you are attracted by tempting numbers, the atmosphere of a real establishment with gambling games, all the fuss, and the slight thrill of rolling the ball around the numbers of the wheel then you have come to the right place. Plus, it means that you have excellent taste in games! However, even the most thrilling online roulette game can become unsuitable if you play on an unreliable and highly questionable platform. But that is not going to happen when you choose Ricky Casino! You are always welcome here! Do not worry, this site will not make you find its disadvantages, which are essentially nonexistent. Just remember that you risk getting a lot of money to your account regularly and admire the quality of online games if you decide to play at the Ricky Casino

Basic Principles of Roulette

So, should we explain the rules of online roulette? In our opinion, there are no people left who are unaware of its basic principles and winning system.

Perhaps only slots can be simpler than roulette. At the same time, it is not one of those tedious activities that will make you yawn the whole round. Long story short, you can imagine a roulette wheel with numbers, can't you? Well, the standard version has numbers from zero to thirty-six written on the segments of the wheel. No more and no less. That is the first thing to know. Apart from that, everyone knows that the game involves a ball as well, which essentially determines your fate. It is due to this small detail, you win or lose. Once the roulette game starts, it appears on the screen and spins around the side of the wheel to stop at some point and show you what number you have. In fact, this is where the round begins and ends immediately. Just do not think that the whole significance is to follow the ball with your eyes because we have missed a crucial step here which is betting.

No doubt that money wins require you to place a wager beforehand. Once again, let's make a small analogy with slots, where you can only select the number of paylines or the total bet size.

The online roulette, in turn, is characterized by greater diversity. You can go deeper into specific sorts of stakes such as a certain color, an even number, a specific number, a large or small one, vertical columns, neighboring numbers, and so on. As you have seen, the choices are almost endless. Just decide how exactly you are more comfortable guessing the winning bets and through which you expand the odds.

And finally, the system gives you the results of the game. By the way, have you ever wondered about other interpretations of roulette? If not, it is time to do so, because there is always a possibility that you will like them even more than the classic one. Let's take a quick look at two of the most promising and popular versions that you can stumble upon at Ricky Casino in the appropriate tab.

American Roulette 

Basically, the discrepancy between American roulette and normal online roulette (incidentally, it got the name European roulette) is hard not to notice even though it is not that deep. The first new feature that you are going to encounter is the presence of the second zero character, which is marked on the wheel like this “00”. By the way, all subsequent modifications of the game are related to this innovation. For instance, there is a unique type of stake which is called "Five bet". It implies that the ball will end up on any of the zeros or one, two, or three. In addition, all participants are offered larger sums of money to make their bet. In other words, you can now play really big!

French Roulette 

Did you learn French by any chance? Because you will need it in French Roulette very much since it is used to refer to the names of certain bets. Do not worry, this is a joke, you can play confidently without this knowledge. However, French Roulette has something to surprise the player. Its main feature is two rules, according to which the participant benefits if the ball stops in front of zero. According to these rules, a partaker has the right to take back half of his bet (and to suffer a smaller loss) or to freeze the stake for the whole round.

Brief Conclusion 

To sum up, Ricky Casino does not stop at one kind of roulette. It gives you a complete choice in your actions and helps to lift your spirits every day or night! If you are one of those gamblers then great Rickycasino online roulette games will constantly fuel and hold your interest, do not even doubt it. Finally, you will experience a lot of different emotions from using this platform and you just will not be able to stay indifferent!